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Johanna Sadonis - Lucifer


“Lucifer is a multinational heavy metal band formed in Berlin in 2014 by frontwoman Johanna Sadonis. Following several member changes, vocalist Sadonis remains the only constant member, with the current line-up featuring drummer Nicke Andersson, guitarists Martin Nordin and Linus Björklund, and bassist Harald Göthblad. Currently based out of Stockholm, the members are Swedish with the exception of the German Sadonis.

Although The Oath released their self-titled debut album in 2014 via Rise Above Records to much critical acclaim, the duo of singer Johanna Sadonis and guitarist Linnéa Olsson broke up that same year. Having had big plans for The Oath, Sadonis was devastated but decided to utilize the energy she had and quickly formed Lucifer to continue making music.[1][2] She said that it “was clear” Andy Prestidge, former drummer for The Oath and Angel Witch, and bassist Dino Gollnick, who was about to play with The Oath before its demise, were going to be a part of the new project.[1][2] When Sadonis told Rise Above founder Lee Dorrian that she was looking for a guitar player, Dorrian recommended his bandmate from the recently disbanded Cathedral, Gaz Jennings.[1][2] Jennings quickly agreed and he and Sadonis began writing songs.

Nicke Andersson joined Lucifer as drummer in 2017.
Because of Jenning’s work with his band Death Penalty, it was agreed that he would not play live with Lucifer or appear in promotional photos. The single “Anubis” was released on April 7, 2015 on Rise Above Records. With a spot on the bill at the April 2015 Roadburn Festival in the Netherlands approaching, Sadonis quickly booked four smaller gigs in Germany to warm up. However, after being unable to find a guitar player for their first gigs, Jennings stepped in and with a big American tour booked later, his position as live guitarist continued. The band’s first album, Lucifer I, was released on June 16 and the North American tour took place from July 30 to August 23.”

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