Thirsty4Blood @Sin OMFG I love you sin
EmoGirl Daniel you get the award for best avatars*
Mosher645 Hey people what's going on how you all doing I hope you and your families are all doing ok during these times looks like there is Hope Over the Horizon
haiduk Haiduk Recording New Album (TBA 2021) -
haiduk .
Holly .-.
Mosher665 @haiduk: thank you for posting absolutely awesome!
Mosher665 @Holly: hey really awesome to see you. Don't forget to check out the discord server
Mosher665 A lot of the regulars are there!!!
Sin Haven't been here in ages.
Mosher672 Hey sin how you doing just so you know a lot of people are on the discord server I hope you and your family are keeping well
haiduk thank you @Mosher665 !
Annihilation So I've been reading about this place and I'm finally here Emoticon emoticon-65
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