Daniel Awesome Metal Yeah she's on here all the time doing things
Daniel Awesome Metal I would be very happy to let her know that you've been looking for her. Also check over at discord
Daniel Awesome Metal @Mosher537: I hope you find the platform easy to use which is now fully integrated into the main site.
Sin Woah this place changed.
Daniel - Awesome Metal Ba Hey @Sin how are you doing I hope you and your family are ok, yeah the chap platform has changed now that integrates with WordPress also flash chat is not really been supported in browsers now and there were security issues that I wanted to fix. Also we have a discord server so a lot of the regulars are on there https://discord.gg/sxw2MdDgGc
Daniel - Awesome Metal Ba The discord server would be the best place to chat and share photos
Daniel - Awesome Metal Ba It would be quite nice to voice chat and say hello Emoticon emoticon-94
Thirsty4Blood This layout is bloody awesome :)
Thirsty4Blood @Sin OMFG I love you sin
EmoGirl Daniel you get the award for best avatars*
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