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Thread: Symphonic metal has made me a better person

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    Symphonic metal has made me a better person

    I have always listened a lot of music from various genres. Also occasionally some symphonic metal. But, I REALLY re-discovered symphonic metal about an year ago. I digged deeper into some bands, their lyrics, their lesser-known songs. I started to appreciate melodies, stories and poetry behind the music more, than just usual technical stuff, headbanging or anything I thought was important in metal music before. Don't get me wrong, I still know the difference between average and great (even in symphonic metal) - but I started to think music differently.

    At the same time I started to notice some positive changes in my personality. Maybe this kind of music has offered me route into some kind of escapism, or comfort and different perspective for life? I think, I feel joy and happiness stronger than ever before.

    In a world of hate, cynicsm, arguing, politics, terrorism, animal cruelty, domestic violence, child abuse... I was getting more and more angry and depressed everyday. I was tired and exhausted. But now I have some kind of coping mechanism. I think everyone should have that, even if it's music, books, or long walks in a forest or something. I don't live in my own bubble, but now I have very needed distance in things.

    I have always thought that music is important, but I had no idea how powerful music can be.

    Hopefully this made any sense to you. Just wanted to share my thoughts. Cheers! Mobdro
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