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Thread: what is your favorite Metalcore Band/Bands?

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    what is your favorite Metalcore Band/Bands?

    List down your favorite or favorites Metalcore Band and , and specify what techniques or what do you like to them? and of course your favorite song of the band.

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    I like Black Veil Brides because their lyrics are so powerful :3 My fave song by them is The Legacy
    I like Falling in Reverse, Ronnie Radke is soo UMF. And my fave song is Raised by the Wolves.
    I like the old Escape the Fate, but that's only because that was Ronnie's band before he went to prison. I like Situations by them a lot!
    I like Asking Alexandria because Ben Bruce is a cute (but he's married >.<) My fave song by them is Not The American Average.
    I like Bring me the Horizon because I can understand Oli even though he yells a lot. He makes it nice and clear. I love the their latest album Sempiternal.
    I like Sleeping With Sirens because Kellin's voice is so pretty :3 I like If You Can't Hang by them so much!
    I also like Pierce The Veil because Vic Feutes is cute. I like King For a Day (Featuring Kellin Quinn)
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    August Burns Red are definitely at the top of my list because of the great lyrics, the riffs.
    Winds of Plague definitely for their gorey lyrics.
    Despised Icon even though they've split a few years back, their songs still make me want to punch a hole in the wall when I'm angry
    War From a Harlots Mouth closest band for me to grindcore on this list that's why.
    For Today, I'm not a religious person but having faith is never a bad thing, hence why i love their song
    Architects I had to put a great UK band in this list, there's not one song of theirs that I haven't liked. All their albums they sound just a little different which keeps me listening to them
    Young Guns, I don't even need a reason for these guys
    Your Demise, if you want a good circlepit, you'll just keep listening to YD.
    Parkway Drive, I'm pretty sure everyone has loved, or still loved PwD for their lyrics, their albums, their gigs everything really
    Just to name a few

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    Bullet for My Valentine

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